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CEM-WAVE is a Research and Innovation project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme. CEM-WAVE strives for introducing Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) in European industries to ease their adaptation from traditional to sustainable energy sources. As a demonstrator, CEM-WAVE is working on the production of CMC-based tubes for validation in steelmaking radiant tube furnaces. Compared to other high-performing materials currently used in the processing industry, CMCs provide higher service temperatures and longer lifetime, which could deliver an energy efficiency improvement of about 30% and extend the equipment’s lifespan by 20%. Using state-of-the-art Life Cycle Assessment methods, CEM-WAVE will demonstrate how transiting to its cutting-edge process could reduce CO2 emissions from radiant tube furnaces by at least 20%.

CEM-WAVE aims at validating an innovative Microwave-assisted Chemical Vapour Infiltration (MW-CVI) technology to produce Ceramic Matrix Composites materials. With a significant reduction in production times and costs, MW-CVI makes the use of CMCs increasingly sustainable for a wide range of energy-intensive sectors, with tangible benefits from both an environmental and a manufacturing standpoint.

The SPIRE-08 Cluster is a group of six flagship projects, including CEM-WAVE, which were funded under the European Commission (EC) call “H2020-NMBP-ST-IND-2020-singlestage” and the topic “LC-SPIRE-08-2020 - Novel high performance materials and components (RIA)”. The aim of the request for proposal was to identify projects that could develop and test high-performance materials and combined components to withstand extreme and varying conditions that are expected in future processes and improve their target performance for a long time.

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